Welcome to crustacean endocrinology

Bangor University and Aberystwyth University

Crustacean endocrinology at Bangor University was established over 20 years ago, when Simon Webster returned to Bangor as a Royal Society University Research Fellow following a very fruitful 2 year post-doctoral position at the University of Bonn (also funded by the Royal Society), under the directorship of Professor Rainer Keller. A highlight of this period of research was the identification and full (Edman) sequencing of the long sought after and enigmatic moult-inhibiting hormone (MIH), and this discovery laid the ground for many subsequent studies showing that this hormone was a member of a family of neurohormones (the CHH/MIH/VIH family) with a wide range of biological activities, involved in moulting, reproduction and regulation of metabolism. Strong collaborative links remain with past members of his group, in particular Prof. H. Dircksen (Stockholm), thus ensuring that crustacean endocrinology remains a significant research strength within Europe, and that UW Bangor has a continuing international reputation in this field.

After PhD and post-doctoral training under the supervision of Simon Webster (and an MRC-funded post at Southampton University), David Wilcockson established a laboratory at Aberystwyth University in 2009 where he took up post as a lecturer in aquatic science. The two laboratories now form a strong and natural alliance engaged in the pursuit of answering fundamental and exciting questions in in crustacean endocrinology and neurogenetics, in particular the neurohormonal control of moulting and reproduction in decapod crustaceans, and the dissection of “biological clocks” that control rhythmic events in intertidal crustaceans.

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