Selected Media Coverage

Simon Webster:


  1. BBC2 naural history programme, Nature’s Wierdest Events, 2, Jan. 2013. In depth interview and discussion on the biology of Christmas Island crabs.


  1. Radio interviews on BBC, BBC Radio Wales (Science Café, 22nd Aug. 2010, live.).
  2. Interview (live) Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Transcript:

Web and print coverage

  1.  NERC Planet Earth Online. 26th Aug. 2010. “Hormone behind Christmas Island crab’s epic migration”.
  2. ScienceDaily, 30th Aug. 2010. “Wonder of the Natural World: Key to Christmas Island’s Red Crab Migration Discovered”.
  3. BBC News, 27th Aug. 2010 “Crab migration uncovered by Bangor and Bristol teams”.
  4. National Geographic, 12th Sept. 2010.”Crab Swarms Overtake Island-Mystery Solved”

David Wilcockson:


  1. BBC4 Science documentary “Secret Life of Rockpools”. Contributing scientist demonstrating and explaining rhythmic behavior in intertidal animals and aspects of moulting and reproduction in crabs, 16th April 2013 (and repeated in August of 2013). Viewing figures in excess of 1.4 million.


  1. BBC Radio Wales: Radio interview on the Louise Elliot previewing the BBC4 documentary “Secret Life of Rockpools”, 16th April 2013
  2. ‘The tidal clock keeps marine life safe”. Radio interview with Naked Scientists (Cambridge). Link

Web and print coverage (selected)

  1. BBC Web coverage of our Tidal clocks paper in Current Biology (link
  2. Biological clocks defy circadian rhythms, Nature News, 2013. Link:
  3. Marching to the beat of two different drummers, Science Now, 2013. Link
  4. BBSRC News, coverage of our Current Biology paper on tidal rhythms, 2013. Link